HIT SA collaborates with giants of Information Technology – such as Microsoft Hellas, protel GmbH and Vodafone Hellas – to create innovative packages that will promote the increased potential of the Greek tourist product and is also the creator of pioneering programs established in the Greek market. Some of them are: ERMIS, ERMIS Pro, HITPOS Suite, symPOSium Web POS and the latest ones PDA Android and Estia Web F & B.

HIT SA has developed its own hotel and accommodation management system – the first of its kind entirely designed in Greece – under the name Ermis, “classical” over the years and with more than 750 production facilities, is considered to be of proven value.

Ermis program is the only purely Greek PMS taught in the higher schools of tourism education as well as in hotel services schools. Hoteliers trust Ermis for its easy-to-use work environment that it provides and for being one of the most economical solutions for hotels and accommodations, adaptable to the requirements of each facility.

The field of Catering could not be omitted from the scope of operations of HIT SA. Providing landmark products such as HITPOS Suite, symPOSium Web POS Suite and PDA Android, which have been developed entirely in-house and have been successfully installed in the country’s largest coffee / restaurants and fast food restaurants, HIT SA, successfully occupies the largest share in this field as well.

At the same time, the company has secured the exclusive dealership in Greece, Cyprus and the other Balkan countries of the German hotel management system (PMS) Protel Hotel Software, which since 1994 up to today has more than 16,000 installations in more than eighty (80) Countries. By making this management system known to Greece, HIT SA managed to “untie” the Greek market from the stagnation and low level service in the hotel and Hospitality sector.

HiT S.A. in cooperation with Microsoft Hellas, set up in 2017 a pioneering cloud solution package, the Hospitality Cloud Kit, aiming exclusively at strengthening the Hotel units in the country, preparing the field of Hospitality for the new digital era.

With more and more new collaborations and a selected clientele, HIT SA have set a very high standard of service also in Catering, putting high technology at its service.

The company’s goal is to keep pace with the global technological developments, which it assesses and then adopts them with a view to their timely distribution to the Greek market. Knowing the new trends of the global market and creating original and innovative programs, HIT SA remains at the peak of developments.

The new web based programs of HIT SA fully adopt the key features of the latest technologies and ensure for the user direct and full supervise of the unit only by using a computer or a tablet in an easy management environment that eliminates the cost of the equipment (hardware) and data storage costs while importing it with ease in the new technological era.

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