DATA SECURITY for Hotels & Hotel Chains™


HIT Hospitality Integrated Technologies S.A. is one of the largest providers of Integrated Computerisation Solutions in the field of Hospitality in Greece and Cyprus.

The company’s mission is to provide high quality services to its customers at competitive prices. These include the search and selection of the best applications from abroad as well as the development of innovative and customized solutions specifically for the needs of the Greek market.

By creating a special Department and a new consulting company specializing in the Hotel sector, HiT exelixis S.A., we look forward to the future, with integrated control and guidance services, and to the compliance of computerization of the hotel units and chains with which we are already cooperating.

HiT exelixis S.A. with the assistance of independent engineers specialized in digital security and of certified auditors of internationally recognized audit standards, as well as with methodologies that are products of scientific research, provides a high level control of information systems and networks, under the DATA SECURITY for Hotels & Hotel Chainsumbrella.

The Services of the New Umbrella

Covering a wide range of services related to the Data Security in the Hotel, the DATA SECURITY for Hotels & Hotel Chains umbrella covers all stages of the compliance procedure of the computerised hotel units, ranging from the existing network security check and the required training of your personnel, on personal data matters, up to designing and implementing the business continuity plan that suits your business and implementing the best technical compliance measures after cost-benefit analysis.

More specifically, we offer the following solution packages:


while, we can carry out:

  • Dossier for the Compliance of the Computerisation “IT GDPR Compliance”
  • Data Security Policies & Procedures 
  • Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Penetration Test 
  • Data Inventory – Data Mapping 
  • GAP Analysis 
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment


and provide you with:

  • Personnel Training Seminars of GDPR or User Security matters
  • Periodic or on-demand Internal Audits
  • IT-on-Premise Services.

* only for Protel SPE and Protel MPΕ installations