Protel Hotel Software: Instructions for the GDPR-compliant functions

Protel Hotel Software is ready to meet the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR].

The version of Protel you have is compliant with the Regulation. It just needs to run from any terminal equipped with Protel the file you will find and download in the following link, through which you can also see in details the instructions for the changes made to the application:



But before “running” the process, you must have received – as a hotel – the following decisions:

  • What will be the default process for a customer? Will it be maintained on your base or will it be de-identified and if so, in how many days?
  • Which user groups will be able to disable the de-identification? 
  • What will be the minimum & maximum period of time that your customer profiles will be maintained in your database? 
  • Which customers’ VIP will not be de-identified? 


Print and sign the supplementary article of the agreement between us here.

This additional agreement details the cases and the way in which HiT S.A. can be considered as the “Processor” of your visitors’ personal data, that is, only during the Protel Hotel Software Support in an active installation.

Read more on how GDPR affects hotels, here.


For any further information or clarification on the Regulation, please contact HiT S.A.’s GDPR Department at

For any assistance regarding Protel Hotel Software, please contact our Support Department at 210 88 47 420.