protel Messenger™



Automatic messages sent directly from protel

By using protel messenger, you can now automatically send messages directly from protel PMS to your visitors quickly and easily. So all parts of your Hotel stay in touch with your customers.
By having protel Messenger, you can create and send emails or sms, automatically or manually, via Protel PMS, either at a controlled time or at a predetermined event (birthday, arrival, departure, etc.). You simply define the rules, the recipient, the content and the sending time.

Just a few ideas for automatic messages:

To the customer as soon as the status of the room is turned into "clean" on protel PMS
To the management once a particular customer arrives at the hotel
For birthdays to Customers staying at the Hotel
To customers who departed 2 days ago in connection with Protel Survey
One day before the arrival sending directions and a map to the hotel
From the reception to the customer
To the maintenance once a room malfunction is notified on Protel PMS

Protel Messenger’s operation management and its interface with the rest of the protel cloud toolbox is made through any browser and Protel Cloud Center, the basic tool for centrally managing all the additional applications of protel PMS that may be used in the Hotel.

Additional applications that boost the potential of the powerful hotel program, protel, and introduce your hotel to the modern era.Protel + AddOns are additional applications of Protel PMS. They do not operate independently.

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