protel Business Intelligence (B.I.)™Strategic business planning

The ultimate strategic planning tool!

Protel Business Intelligence (protel BI) is a powerful management tool developed specifically to enhance the strategic planning of individual hotel units and chains as well.

Skilful decision-making is always somewhere between experience and intuition, events and predictions. Protel BI extracts data about the different functions of your Hotel directly from protel PMS and shows you all the vital parts of this huge amount of information that you need to make the right decision at a glance.

Why is it different?

Integrated interface with Microsoft Excel
Plan with the most important information
It extracts data directly from Protel PMS

Additional applications that boost the potential of the powerful hotel program, protel, and introduce your hotel to the modern era.Protel + AddOns are additional applications of Protel PMS. They do not operate independently.

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