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If you base the computerisation of your Hotel on Protel Hotel Software, you no longer depend on the computer. Protel 4Tablet application makes the hotel management possible from anywhere and whenever you wish to.

Do not let the supervision of your Hotel keeping you constantly at the office. You no longer depend on your computer! Protel 4Tablet application makes the management of your Hotel accessible from wherever you are, whenever you wish to step in.

Feel free to keep up with your activities schedule and you will have Protel 4Tablet as your ally!

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protel SPE

An all-powerful central hotel management system of the same family, protel MPE can even convert in terms of management a world-class hotel chain into a single unit! All connected hotels have access to the same database, from where they get real-time information about each customer in the chain.

protel SPE

Protel SPE is a state-of-the-art software for managing individual hotel units with facilities in over 80 countries around the world. It facilitates door procedures and ensures the quick and reliable access to all critical Hotel information for its development.

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