symPOSium POS
symPOSium POS

A user friendly environment, which minimizes ordering time. The menu is shaped in an easily comprehensible form for the user. Easy to read buttons & letters with color customization capabilities.

Set up your POS according to your preference…
Into a «classic» POS
Into a mobile Windows device
Into a mobile Android device
Into iPad / iPhone
Into cloud server
Into your own server

Work like having your old POS or your cash register …
• With open-closed tables
• Self Service / Take Away functions
• Split, transfer and consolidation of accounts
• Issuing a consolidated bill / invoice
• Ability to change the payment method
• Updating kitchen printers
• Checking and paying bills
• Order to issue a receipt into an Autonomous Financial Processing Unit (ADIME) or a Special Secure Tax Layout for Data Marking (EAFDSS)
• Specifying the customer position at the table to facilitate the waiter assistant

Take control of your business…
Numerous statistics based on the most modern report planning tools
Order control in all phases
Ability to operate in areas without network coverage

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