[WEB Seminars]


The WEBinars constitute a new proposal from HiT SA for distance training.



These online seminars apply to all professionals in the Catering and Hospitality Business that want to train their staff in use of all HiT applications: Ermis.net, Estia.net, HiTPOS Suite, e-KRATiSiS Web Booking Engine, e -CHANNEL Channel Management and more.



This is the most inexpensive way in further education for all customers of HiT, because of the discount policy offered to them, but also the most convenient for all professionals, since they are so give the benefit of saving travel time for attending and individualized programming, thus integrating necessary training in the daily business program without problems.



A person can attend these seminars from his place (home or office) without the need to travel and his participation can be programmed to a few hours before the start of the seminar, while no special technical equipment is required. The ADSL Internet connection is enough.


You only connect OnLine and join the adviser, who you can hear and see LiVE on the screen of your computer and access the related presentation [Powerpoint files, videos, etc.] You can also ask questions verbally or by typing them [chatting-mode] at any time during the seminar in order to receive the answer you need.


The cost of attending FULLY covered by A.E.V.T


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for WEBinars:


1. How can I participate?

Contact at 210 88 47 420 and ask for one of HiT SA. specialized consultants.


2. Does it need any special technical equipment in order to attend a WEBinar?

      No special technical equipment is needed. A computer with audio equipment (speakers or headphones) and a connection to the Internet (ADSL) is enough.


         3. Until when can I enter for the WEBinar that interests me?

      Entries will be accepted up to one (1) work day before the date of the seminar.


4. It is the first time I’m attending a WEBinar. How do I login?

      After finalizing your registration, you will receive instructions. A few hours before the start of WEBinar you will receive an email which will include the relevant link and the login information (password).


       5. Will I be sent detailed instructions on attending a WEBinar?

      Yes, you will receive detailed instructions on attending, after your participation is tied up in the WEBinar selected.


       6. May I ask questions during WEBinar?

      Yes, of course. You can contact the advisor throughout the WEBinar through the chat.


7. Will you sent me any notes from the relevant WEBinar I’ve attended?

      Yes, after the WEBinar we will send you the relevant presentation in PDF




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