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Any innovation or method that occurs in sensitive areas such as the education, takes time to adopt and productively integrate in the area related. Time is needed to implement the necessary technological infrastructure to support innovation and to creatively master by people who have to implement it. Apparently e-learning is an innovative education model that uses for its design, production and dissemination, the most modern technology available.


Today HiT SA is pleased to announce to its customers through its continuously upgraded Internet services the disposal of electronic learning (e-learning) for its products as well as the targeted customer service by creating specific models and core curriculum through the Internet platform HiT ACADEMY.


In the hotel industry business and general tourism e-learning can provide in the most economical way a continuous upgrading of the quality of the services of a hotel. Creating the right conditions for a comprehensive training and upgrading the hotel industry by synchronizing it with the ever-changing standard imposed by this market worldwide. With a clear reduction of training costs due to reduction of building infrastructure and training costs and ability to provide services regardless of their location (season - off season) where the hotel and its staff is.



E-learning gives students quickly and comprehensively information and training even during the running season. With e-learning you can learn what the hotel needs without spending time of creative working and thus learn better.



Benefits for a hotel when choosing the model of e-learning except financial.



The first thing to benefit is the capitalization of the knowledge generated in the same hotel and in the individual sections (Front Office, Food & Beverage, Production, Engineering etc) and the access to this knowledge by all employees. Even if you attend a conventional training program, how many times you wish to go back to the material, to remember the answer to a question, to review a adviser’s or director’s lecture from the briefing. Developing a platform, the hotel has the ability to create small and targeted education and awareness programs for the staff, just at a time when needed. It is no coincidence that many hotels abroad have already passed to another era of knowledge management and are increasingly using new technologies in training their staff, with direct and most importantly very encouraging results. 



HiT SA through the online platform HiT Academy provides integrated solutions that combine our products and services in order to meet the strategic choices, your needs and technological infrastructure needed to serve you. Choose the solution that suits you and introduce the HiT ACADEMY e-learning to your hotel. Our integrated solutions combine depending on your options.


Installation and configuration of e-learning platform (e-learning)


Interface with other systems


Developing courses


Developing webinars


Conferencing system (modern education)


Development and integration of specialized applications


Design and production of teaching materials


Consulting and educational services,


Mobile learning (mbl-e-learning),


Installation on your server


Management system


Technical support and update reports 


Integration of existing training material


Bulk user registration


New interface with the look and logos of your choice


Support (Help Desk) users



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