The proportion of online to the total booking is increasing rapidly worldwide. This trend is due to the spreading of new web technologies such as Quick Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and Web Applications developed for mass distribution, through the Internet at ve low cost. e-KRATiSiS™ Web Booking Engine for Hotels aspires to establish new standards in the Hellenic Market.

The use of e-KRATiSiS™ Web Booking Engine allows hoteliers to reduce the total cost of online reservations, since they manage them entirely from their own official site, interactively, in real-time communication with the Front Office. e-KRATiSiS™ Web Booking Engine enables the visitor to choose the best offer available at the time of booking.

A simple computer PC, a laptop or tablet PC with an Internet connection is enough to process the application.




The commercial exploitation of the statistical information provided by these technological achievements, leads to the development of techniques of Search Engine Optimization [SEO] and Online Reputation Management [ORM] and the well-known distribution channels for online reservations [Internet Distribution Systems - iDS] (,, etc.), replacing now traditional Global Distribution Systems [GDS]. In order to exploit the Internet, are being developed the so-called “Booking Systems”, the Web Booking Engines, which undertake to carry out online reservations within the hotel’s official website and the Channel Manager, which manages and synchronizes all the iDS.


Direct communication between applications e-KRATiSiS™ Web Booking Engine and  e-CHANNEL-PARiTY Rate™ iDS/GDS Channel Manager, as of all included in the package of WEB CONSULTING, with the hotel PMS (™ Front Office, Protel SPΕ™ , Protel MPΕ™ or e-RMiS™  Web PMS) – through interactive interface – gives the company the advantage of fast and proper management of the total volume of Online Booking (Rate Availability, Price Lists, Accommodation offered, Loyalty).

The utilization of these applications, gives the hotelier the ability to offer fully targeted preferential treatment (Offers, Packages, Bonus) both to the new and to repeaters, in order to increase Loyalty.


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