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New Web application which operates either within a central call center or from inside the store. SaaS Model (Software-as-a-Service) that provides minimum initial installation cost and computational requirements, the ability to add a new terminal on demand -no installation required- and extra time to run your company.

  •       Caller ID

  •       Multi-client Data entry

  •       Ability of customers grouping

  •       Managing customer complaints

  •       Two-ways communication Stores-Call Center

in case the Call Center is not in the area of the store

  •       Order Status

  •       Store Service Time

  •       Store Lack

  •       Shop Posts

  •       Οrder Management

  •       Multiple Status Ability

  •       Order Time

  •       Assign To Guide

  •       Maps Included

  •       Assign Client to store

  •       Split Branch in sectors

  •       Routing order from the shop to the customer

  •       View of possible order rooting time

  •       Personnel Management via Login/Logout processes




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