Vision Despite the constant adjustment required of a company’s targets depending on the competitive conditions of its environment, the ideas leading the strategic decisions are to remain firm over time. These constant values are the standard basis of the existing strategy, forming the business vision and define the position of the company.

In our efforts for healthy business dexterity / entrepreneurship with social responsibility, we try to succeed, having as assistant the deep trust in our partners and personal relationship with everyone of our customer. Moreover, with predominant love for research and new technologies, we support young/new scientists and engineers and encourage the development of innovative ideas, often taking the risk of funding. Recognizing the need for a pleasant working environment, we invest in corporate facilities and promote programs for supporting the employees.

Throughout the long history of our company in the field of Information Technology and Hospitality, the main objective remains the originality and the authenticity of the solutions it offers, in order to increase the competitiveness of the Greek tourist market, the society and the development of new technologies in our country, with creativity and integrity.

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