Human Resources

HIT S.A. company employs over 45 people, each of which is well trained and highly specialized in field. Several staff members of HIT come from areas of hospitality and catering, thus producing work more targeted and efficient, which answer to the real needs of each customer.

With frequent monitoring seminars, our staff remains up to date on developments in technology and particularly in areas related to hotels and catering.

Our company also has stable staff permanently based in Thessaloniki and Crete, thus providing the opportunity for immediate and substantial support [LiVe-Support] to our customers there.

Feel free to contact for any issue related to HIT SA with the appropriate Director of the company that interests you:

Mitilinaios Ioannis

Lamprianakis Lampros
General Manager

Kostantaras Dimitrios
Senior Hospitality Consultant & Protel Project Manager

Petrakos Konstantinos
Support Manager

Dritsas Ioannis
Project Manager


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